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Wipe Away Debts is a client-driven law firm focused on helping our clients through difficult times. Every individual case is important to us and we are dedicated to resolving our client’s financial issues.

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At Wipe Away Debts, we believe in comprehensive legal representation. We understand financial hardships and are here to guide you through the process. Our lawyers are prepared to effectively counsel our clients through the bankruptcy process, and to ensure that your documents are properly crafted.


The bankruptcy process may seem complicated and challenging. With the help of a bankruptcy attorney at Wipe Away Debts, you can feel confident that you are in good hands. There are two main types bankruptcy that individuals and families use; Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. Let us help you decide if and what type of bankruptcy is right for you. 

Wage Garnishment

Wage garnishment can negatively affect your credit and can feel like an invasion to individuals and families. This is the most common type of garnishment and is court ordered. In wage garnishment, your employer receives a court order to deduct a portion of your paycheck to pay the debt. The creditor may continue with this action until the debt is paid.


A lawyer’s guidance can provide you clarity throughout the stressful process. A lawyer can analyze your situation and advise you on how to proceed- in some cases help you find ways to fight or avoid foreclosure.  

Debt Relief

We are a patient, client-focused firm that helps individuals successfully eliminate debts under the Federal Bankruptcy Code. We can offer assistance to clients that are seeking to improve their credit, deal with creditor harassment, end wage garnishment or avoid high interest and late penalties.  

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